Nothing …

by sjjohnson89

Being rational


I’m growing tired of the god debate.

Why, you ask?

Well, ill answer that with a question.

But, before i get to that question, let me say this.

For their to be a true debate, for their to be a true truth, this truth being the desired outcome of such a debate … somebody has to be right. If nobody is right, then the debate is surely rendered pointless.

Now, for my question.

Tell me, all you academic atheists out there, what makes you think your argument against god, is any better than religions one for god?

Seems easy to answer doesn’t it. I can think of a million (ok, not a million) ways that an intelligent atheist would answer such a question. I don’t think anybody could answer this question in a way that surprises me. I’ve heard most if not all the arguments, relevant ones that is.

So, ok, i get it. Theories suggest that something can come from nothing, god wasn’t needed to create the universe, god wasn’t needed to make man. Everything works under natural laws, laws which day by day we are gradually getting closer to understanding. But lets actually think about this for a second. Lets strip back all that fancy scientific theory and philosophy. If we keep stripping it back and back till there is nothing left to say, nothing is what you come to. We cannot comprehend nothing, whats more, we are in no position (we may perhaps never be in such a position) to know what lies amongst all that nothing, or behind it for that matter.

Mysticism on the other hand is the stuff of fairy tales, it is the product of our imagination. There is no Santa Claus, there is no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, and as much as i don’t want to point such a thing out, the literal Adam and Eve probably belong in that category as well. Yet, contrary to this, our imagination is a valued source of knowledge, it is amazing how often the very act of thinking something turns into something actually being.

To my knowledge, nothing ive read or heard about from others that are more knowledgeable on the bible gives a justified ‘yea, this is where we come from’ story. I don’t consider the opening chapter of Genesis to be such a story. And frankly, i find it hard to understand how anybody does look to it as such a story. But im not going to judge that. I cant judge that.

So if there was no Adam and Eve, where does that leave us? Ok, well obviously we arrive at the theory of evolution. Ah yes, evolution kills god … doesn’t it? Well, no, not really. You could argue it kills a certain kind of god, a god along the lines of the mysticism of Santa Claus maybe.  As ive mentioned in previous posts, evolution is still very much a theory, we don’t know 100% how things play out. But that’s not important right now, what is important is the idea of evolution killing god. So, god didn’t create the world in 7 days. Man is the product of a long line of subtle mutations going back generation after generation. What, that’s not impressive enough? Something that continues to amaze me is how little emphasis people place on how mind-blowing the story of evolution is. How mind-blowing the story of our universe is, to our current knowledge.

Ok, so for those needing something substantial to bite their teeth into, our history according to biblical references isn’t really going to do is it. Its a bit like trying to take a bite out of water, maybe that’s enough for some but for those with a big apatite you can be sure they will be looking elsewhere.

This takes us to another question.

Why is it that human beings need to believe in something?

We need to believe in something to such an extent that the very notion of not knowing anything makes us run a mile, sometimes an imaginary mile.

In a discussion between science, religion and faith, I was asked by a christian a question that i think was asked with the intent of wrong footing me. I admitted that i do not place trust in science as many do for the single reason that truth is all relative, its all about perspective, history has shown vividly how quickly that perspective changes, and how truth changes with it.

He asked ‘So, if you don’t believe in this (Christianity), where does that leave you?’

Where does that leave me? Well, it kind of leaves me nowhere. One could say that i am lost, for i do not know where i am, or where i come from so to speak.

Mentally i have no choice but to support and hold up science as my truth, it is all we have to go on. But, emotionally i am rather religious and ritualistic. Being an emotionally religious person, ironically, has already proven to be my most valuable asset. I act on faith, faith in what, i do not know. Faith in religion? No, just faith.

This is a strange contradiction. I am in conflict within myself, i believe in something yet relentlessly question ‘can there be anything?’.

As the title of this post says, nothing is all i know.