Because its the truth …?

by sjjohnson89



An atheist often puts faith down to being silly, delusional, irrational or just plain stupid. Faith is for those that do not think, right? An atheist believes they are thinking rationally, that they are thinking. But are they really? I can never be an atheist, i do not believe that i can become a man of faith either, not in a religious form. I sit firmly in the middle. I do not believe i can have faith to the point of being christian because i think i cannot lay down that there is no such thing as god. Many of the greatest minds on the planet hold such an ‘i don’t know’  view on the idea of god. If you truly think about it, if you set aside feelings you cannot say there is no such thing as god. Though, i do not believe at this time that one can say that there is god either. I think it is one of the unanswerable questions we face in this moment of time, it really comes down to what you believe personally.

There’s a blogger here on wordpress that i respect in many ways, i enjoy reading their posts. This blogger is an atheist. What i find curious though is how they attack the idea of god and those of faith, they attack the idea through emotion more than they do the logic they claim to be abiding to.  If you do not believe in god, why do you occupy your mind with it to the point of having an emotional reaction i wonder? Why does it bother you? An atheist can bring to the table all the evidence they want that god does not exist, but at the end of the day, what they bring to the table is no better than someone of faith. Both sides bring little to no evidence to the table in the greater scheme of things.

But, i will say this. An atheist will likely carry sadness, emptiness and just generally a feeling of being lost. These feelings can vent themselves through things like anger and depression. Christianity refers to this as a dark void within you, we are ALL aware of this if we are true to ourselves. If you do not believe there can be a god, then the purpose of life becomes pointless no? Why love? Why care? Why have hope?  I don’t have any answers to whether there is a god or not, im not even sure on my feelings towards it yet. But i do know this, having hope opens you to a more fulfilling life. Whether that hope is real or not, does it matter i wonder if it enables you to open yourself to love, and in return to be loved?

I know what its like to live without hope. I lived without it for a long time, carrying on in that direction was only going to lead me somewhere dark and cold, it had already began to do so. What faith is essentially i believe is hope. I’m coming to admire that in those of faith. The lack of hope and the tunnel vision approach of an atheist i am coming to realize is far less admirable than i would have thought say, 2 years ago.

By all means, question and challenge those of faith, challenge the creation story of the bible, please, do so for it needs to be challenged!  I was speaking with a geography teacher the other day who is a christian, he expressed his thoughts on the creation story and he stated like me that it is implausible to say the least. But he didn’t believe it to be a literal translation, i respect that he has given this thought and not ignored this conflict between science and religion. His views for instance on Adam and Eve were simply that the story is just code for a deeper moral truth.  His faith in god is not based on the literal stories of the bible, but a belief in god. He seemed genuinely happy with his life, he expressed enthusiasm and interest in others and overall, a pretty balanced guy. He expressed how when he met his wife they were then parted for 3 years before they got married, she in India while he was in England. He was able to wait for her, he waited. I find that amazing and a true testament to his feelings towards her. The act of long distance was faith in itself no? Faith that they would stay faithful, faith that they would one day be together again and so on.  Now, they are married with children. Their relationship is in itself, a result of faith.

Someone of faith will not tell you about their relationship with god. They simply say, you have to experience it for yourself. This seems like a cop out, they are avoiding a question that if they are telling the truth should be easy to answer no? Well, right or wrong, whether god exists or not, whether faith is based on lies, whatever it be, i can relate this inability to answer such a thing to that of love. If you have truly been in love, you cannot really tell someone how it feels, you cant. Love is not sex, love is nothing to do with the mating game. A lot of people think they know love, they do not. Love changes you and not always for the better from many of a perspective. You bend to it, you change, you transform. A Christian will relate their relationship to god in a similar way to being in love. And in this, i can understand why they cannot answer this question of mine. How they have faith.

I do not believe having faith is anything to do with the bible, the stories, taking them literally and disregarding science. I believe you can be a man of science and faith. Understanding how the universe works is an intelligence that nobody should ignore, but at the same time its not an intelligence that people should use to disregard god.

What i find fascinating is that its not religion that made me feel that god may exist, rather science. The more we understand about the universe, how we fit into it, how things work, how it began and how it will end, the more real god becomes.

This is a thought i want to leave this post on …