The Atheist …

by sjjohnson89

A clash of opinion


Before i go on, i suggest you read this post by myatheistlife.

As you have guessed, he is an atheist and is clearly giving the subject matter thought, the subject being god. Below i have quoted myself from my comments on his post, i feel i am making a true point here that i wish to share with those who stumble upon me.

When we try to understand what god is, we place restrictions on what it can be whether we like it or not. This is because we are human, we are caged by the rules with which we live in and therefore we cant understand existence outside of them.

Until we are free of these rules, until we are all knowing and all powerful attempting to comprehend god is like trying to study micro-organisms with a magnifying glass.

What im saying is, dont say there is no such thing as a micro-organism just because ‘you’ cant see it through your magnifying glass.

Think about this for a second…. If you take this thought in, it clarifies the issues that an atheist has against those of faith. Science is based on the tools you use, religion is based on feeling there is something more. An atheist says, i cannot break down this wall with this hammer, therefore it must be impossible. Those of faith say, i already know what is behind that wall. Then you have those who say, ah, but it is not impossible, you simply need a bigger hammer. Problem is that bigger hammer in relation to knowing whether god exists or not doesn’t exist in the world today, at least not in my experience.

I do not judge what is on the other side of wall, in my current position i cant. But at the same time i do not state that this wall cannot be broken down just because the right tool doesn’t not exist in this time.

To be an atheist, you likely regard human intelligence to be sufficiently great enough that we are already in a position to understand everything that is. Or at least, the atheist looks at god in the same way religion teaches it and says, you are illogical. So much of religion seems illogical to me, i must say. I would not be content with believing in god as one of faith does, yet simultaneously ignore evidence that challenges the way in which i see god. It simply doesn’t make sense, it defies the nature in me to seek, to try and find answers, to ask why. This is why i sit firmly and uneasily in the middle, between Christianity and science. I believe there is much to be learned from both. Science does not teach you how to be good, Jesus is quite simply, the greatest symbol of whats right. You want to be a good person? There is no better role model than Jesus.

Jesus wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in, even if he stood alone. He laid down the ten commandments of which is the true bible of every good man and woman in this world. He hung from that cross in excruciating agony till the last breath went through his lungs. To the very last moment, he stood up for what he believed in, what he was. Everyone and i mean everyone on this planet should take note of that. He is the symbol of courage regardless of whether he was the son of god or not (while im here ill state my opinion that Jesus was either insane, delusional or he was the son of god. No mortal man could endure such torture and not break under a lie with which he has created.)

But, religion seems to teach very little when it comes to understanding where we fit into everything in the greater scheme of things. It pinpoints us in many ways as the center of the universe. Which, we are not. Science poses questions and seeks to find the answers. It seeks to find these answers without the input of human emotion even though it doesn’t always succeed in this.

Without science, there is no progress. We are at a technological peak in our race because of science, we are indebted to those of science for so much of what we take for granted. That said, where would the world be if not for religion? Religion is about being moral, that is a lesson that we all can learn regardless of whether we have faith or not. It is always in the back of our minds, it guides us to do whats right, it gives us hope that we aren’t living a pointless life, that we aren’t alone, that being good is rewarded further down the line. We are all afraid of our mortality,  it scares us because we do not know what happens. What scares us the most i think is that we all die alone and through death we fear that nothing may happen. I know that’s what scares me the most.

Religion gives the world hope. Science and religion in many ways work together, science is the engine which powers the human race, keeps us moving forward, faith is what gives us purpose moving forward.