What happens when it all ends …?

by sjjohnson89

Death of all that we know


It is inevitable that the universe will die, every star will plunge into darkness. When that final star shines its last light, when there is nothing but dead stars and black holes, nothing but darkness, is that the end?

Life as we know it will be long gone by that time. But, man relentlessly strives for innovation, so much so that we run the risk of distorting what we are, so much so that we might one day even destroy ourselves in the name of it. But through innovation, is it possible that we, the human race, could find a way to survive? Would man really even want to survive in an age of eternal darkness?

Could we?

As the final star burns our race would almost certainly, if not extinct, be concentrated around it. We would be using the last energy of that sun to survive. But to continue to survive when that final star dies, we would need to create our own energy. Our own star?

If man does survive past the last burning star, what would we have to be in order to continue to exist? We could not be human, not as we are today. For we are too fragile, we are mortal and too reliant on the rules set before us.If man survives to the final days of the burning stars, we would need to become more than we are, more than human.

But, if man did survive, our intelligence would be unimaginable by such a time. We would have broken away from the cycle of life set before us, we would have become more than human .We would have to hold the power of creation, we would need it in order to continue to supply ourselves with the energy we need to survive.

In a way, we would become something in the image of god.