Crossroads …

by sjjohnson89

Emotion and feeling vs numbers and logic


Have you ever done something that goes against logic, it goes against numbers, you did it because it felt right?

As someone who hears both voices, i have to deal with this everyday of my life.

I have to choose between my mind and my heart. My choices though are in actuality, when it comes down to such a decision, very straightforward.  I follow my heart, i have done so for quite some time, going against that now would be denying myself. That said, i hear the logic, i hear the numbers, more so, i hear them from other people, from society. It tries to suppress my heart, it tries to tell me that i am wrong, it tries to dictate what i do, it tries to dictate who i am and what i will become.

Have my feelings taken me down a bad road? Have they tricked me, taken me places with which threaten me? From a certain point of view one could say yes, they have. Do i regret any of my decisions based on feelings? No. I do however regret decisions that i have made based on logic and numbers, they led me to a cold place. It wasn’t my feelings that led me to darkness, it was logic and numbers. The darkness was a reflection of my heart, its suffering at the hands of logic, its the suffering of being alive in an environment that was not.

A heart cannot survive in an environment of numbers and logic, it is comparable to the life of a flame atop a candle, eventually it will burn out. The only way for that heart to survive is to keep that fame alight, the only way to do that is to listen to your heart.

Life will challenge you, following your heart is not a path that is easy to walk.

The heart has to have faith in itself, for it may not receive it from others.

Next time you stand at such crossroads, where you have a choice to follow your heart or your logic, i ask you to think before you act, take your time, for life rarely grants you second chances.

Walk away from your heart and it may be forever lost.