God in Relationship to a Simulation …?

by sjjohnson89

The biggest question of all 


So many questions end with perhaps the question of all questions.

Is there a god?

Can god exist?

What is god?

The more my understanding of life develops, the more interesting this question becomes. Specifically in this post i want to talk further on the idea of a simulation. This time though, more directly in regards to our current world.

Some philosophers state that if we are able to create a fully simulated world, that it heightens the possibility that we ourselves are in a simulated world. If we can create that simulation, we ourselves may be in someone else’s. If so, god could be, essentially, the designer of our simulation? As we would become god to the world with which we simulate. On this line of thought, who’s to say then if we live in such a simulation, that whatever simulated us isn’t also in a simulation?

What if we were in a simulation, how would that make you feel?

How would it change the world in which we live in?

How would we ever even know whether or not we are in a simulation?

Would it be possible, if we are in a simulation, to be part of the world which created us?

If we can create a world, if we are in a simulation, how many times then has this process repeated itself?

Would there be a base reality, with which the true world lies?

If we are in a simulation, then the idea of life being a test starts to hold new meaning. What would we be tested for, for what purpose? What is the end result of such a test? This line of thought sends a chill up my spin, such a reality would be a daunting one indeed.