The Future of Simulation …?

by sjjohnson89

A thought


In time, advancements in simulation technology we will undoubtedly begin to blur the boundaries between what we define as real and what is simulation.

Look at it this way, think of a video game you enjoy playing. It is in essence a form of escapism, when in that game world you are no longer you, instead you become that character. Pick up say a boxing sim but you yourself in actuality are only 5ft1 and weigh just over a 100 pounds. In the world of the game it is irrelevant, it lets you be whatever you want to be, you can become ‘the greatest’ in that world. That may be a near physical impossibility in their actual reality.

Lets take the point of view of someone who hasn’t achieved what they wanted to in life. Lets say, they wanted to be a world famous musician. For whatever reason be it lack of opportunity,  ability or too many commitments,  they are not gaining ground on that dream. Someone approaches them and talks about this simulation, it allows you to live in a simulated world, you can be what you want to be, do what you want to do. Lets say that this simulation attaches to all your senses like touch, sight and smell. How would you separate the experiences you have in the simulation from real life. How would they feel when they go back to their reality? Think of it like superman giving you his powers for the day, only to be brought back to earth and become human again the next.

How would you feel?

What would you give to live in that world? Could you? Would you?

How could such a thing be used? Could we go as far one day as to simulate entire worlds? With science getting ever nearer to inevitably creating true A.I, could we distinguish those that are human from those that are not? Simulation from reality?

How would we know that we ourselves aren’t in a simulation?